Dreadful Structure Underbellies

This winter has been sparse in terms of spiders. I catch the occasional glimpse here and there. My roommate has mentioned that we should take the chance to try to clear the cobwebs of our dreadful basement.


See? It’s dreadful. I go down there to check the fuel oil, and to occasionally reset a tripped breaker. I arm myself with either a hat, or the hood of a sweatshirt, and crouch very low for fear of catching the stray web. It’s mostly a graveyard of shed exoskeletons and fungus-infested spider corpses. 

My roommate thinks we can redeem the place, but I’m still skeptical. We’re going to ruin a lot of cheap brooms one day, no doubt, in trying to recover the place. I bet my landlord will show up one day to check stuff down there and just wonder what the heck got into us crazy kids.

I’m sure it won’t really effect the spiders too much though.


Four-Legged Woes

I was surprised to come across a four-legged spider trying to fight its way up the side of the wall. The least amount of legs I’ve seen a spider with is five. I don’t imagine this one is going to have much for a longer life. I did, however, collect it into my palm and offer it a boost higher up on the wall, and then encouraged it into continuing until it grasped some old webbing.


It’s been awhile since I named a spider. Mostly because they’re very in-and-out this summer, so it’s hard to really keep track of them, or recognize them. It’s easy to recognize a four-legged spider though! So I’ve named this one Ongso. We’re going to say he’s a guy. Without all his legs it’s hard to tell, and I’m far too exhausted to look up other measurements to go by. Here’s hoping he keeps making his way towards the ceiling. 1) There’s more old webbing up there. 2) It’s away from the door, which is where he is now.

I thought about moving him over by the sink where there’s a small spiderling or two resting buuut… they could potentially beat him up. And if they tried, they’d easily win.


I tried to sketch out his missing limbs. Paint + Touchpad isn’t the best method, haha but it’s loosely right, at least gives folks an idea. You can see just how off-kilter he is without those limbs.

Of Spiderlings and Fungus

Ohhh let’s see… various things to post about. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been traveling a lot. It’s only been a little over a week that I’ve since settled back into my apartment. I found one female surrounded by numerous spiderlings! She’s since moved off, but I think her children are still chilling out where she had been. It’s hard to tell, they’re at a portion of the ceiling that’s hard for me to really see. It’s very possible that the darker spots I see up there are clumps of dust.

There were also some larger, but still young, spiders that had hunkered down near a spot of my sink. I was very happy for these guys because they had taken out some of the ants that had been plaguing my apartment.

The ants were one of the reasons that I was looking forward to the eggsacs hatching; I needed my spider army to take care of these guys. I wasn’t so patient for the spiderlings to grow up though, and I may have messed with some of their habitats when I went hardcore anti-ants on the apartment. For the most part, I think they survived.

I still need to fish out my camera. There’s still a lot of very large females out back that I’d like to get some shots of. Also, I (begrudgingly) had to go down to my basement recently, and found several fungus-covered spiders. Yay, internet, for enlightening me on what the heck I found was. I’ve never seen such a thing, but they didn’t even twitch when I blew air at them, so it must be these dead, fungus-ridden guys. Poor things. They were the strangest sight; I wasn’t even sure they were spiders at first. As much as I loathe going into my basement, I should take a look again.

…completely unrelated to spiders, but I find it interesting that the user of the linked post is named Pam from Bourne, MA. My aunt is named Pam and she lived in Bourne… Haha, maybe they are one in the same?

Long time away!

It’s been awhile! I’ve been working towards graduating during the winter/spring, and then I was traveling a lot so I didn’t get to focus on my spiders much at all. Now that I’m settled back in Vermont for about a week, I got a glimpse at who’s moved into the bathroom. Two females, one with quite a large eggsac, the other with a much smaller one… and only five legs! The poor thing, I wonder what happened? They’re quite near to one another, so I wonder if there was a squabble?

Hopefully I’ll get some pictures soon.

That Time of Year

I haven’t been posting anything because the spiders simply haven’t been around, but with it getting colder up here in Vermont, and the snow beginning to fall, they’re starting to come back to seek out the warmth of the bathroom. Huzzah!

Now if I could only remember where I put my camera…

Well, here’s a very poor quality picture, presumably of Gala, from my phone:

For the record, since the last time I posted it was about her having eggs, I went away for a couple of days, so I missed out on the hatching of her eggs.

Still Time for Spiderlings


Remarkably, while my roommate and I were getting dinner ready and cleaning, I went to grab the mop and did a look-around for where Gala ended up, and I was shocked to find her with an egg sac! Now, I’m not actually sure this is Gala. I’ve never gotten such a good picture (my roommate let me use his new camera, I might have to steal it more often), and I thought I already saw her with some eggs, but I think it’s possible for them to have multiple sets. Heck, since Sabyr already had kids I figured everyone, wherever they were, were probably done.

Guess I was wrong on that.

Last I saw her, she had no eggs, and her back was rounder, so I think it could still be her, just… deflated, for lack of a better word at the moment.

I wonder how long she’s had them? I’ll have to try to keep an eye on her, especially since I lost track of Sabyr’s spiderlings. I think some of them are hanging around the bathroom. There’s some kind of small ones that have been moving here and there, so they’re possibly Sabyr’s kids.

Spider Eat Spider


Buffy’s been snacking on other spiders it looks like. Not sure what the story behind this was. They don’t generally get territorial unless it’s a question of food, and Buffy just ate three days ago. Hm. No idea.

I’ve found it harder to take a close-up picture down here. The flash reflects off too much, alas. One day I’ll figure out the prime method of taking spider pictures.

It’s hard to tell, but if you look, Buffy’s legs match up where his body ends. The roundish bit above that is the body of the other spider, not part of Buffy.