Still Time for Spiderlings


Remarkably, while my roommate and I were getting dinner ready and cleaning, I went to grab the mop and did a look-around for where Gala ended up, and I was shocked to find her with an egg sac! Now, I’m not actually sure this is Gala. I’ve never gotten such a good picture (my roommate let me use his new camera, I might have to steal it more often), and I thought I already saw her with some eggs, but I think it’s possible for them to have multiple sets. Heck, since Sabyr already had kids I figured everyone, wherever they were, were probably done.

Guess I was wrong on that.

Last I saw her, she had no eggs, and her back was rounder, so I think it could still be her, just… deflated, for lack of a better word at the moment.

I wonder how long she’s had them? I’ll have to try to keep an eye on her, especially since I lost track of Sabyr’s spiderlings. I think some of them are hanging around the bathroom. There’s some kind of small ones that have been moving here and there, so they’re possibly Sabyr’s kids.