Dreadful Structure Underbellies

This winter has been sparse in terms of spiders. I catch the occasional glimpse here and there. My roommate has mentioned that we should take the chance to try to clear the cobwebs of our dreadful basement.


See? It’s dreadful. I go down there to check the fuel oil, and to occasionally reset a tripped breaker. I arm myself with either a hat, or the hood of a sweatshirt, and crouch very low for fear of catching the stray web. It’s mostly a graveyard of shed exoskeletons and fungus-infested spider corpses. 

My roommate thinks we can redeem the place, but I’m still skeptical. We’re going to ruin a lot of cheap brooms one day, no doubt, in trying to recover the place. I bet my landlord will show up one day to check stuff down there and just wonder what the heck got into us crazy kids.

I’m sure it won’t really effect the spiders too much though.