Spider Eat Spider


Buffy’s been snacking on other spiders it looks like. Not sure what the story behind this was. They don’t generally get territorial unless it’s a question of food, and Buffy just ate three days ago. Hm. No idea.

I’ve found it harder to take a close-up picture down here. The flash reflects off too much, alas. One day I’ll figure out the prime method of taking spider pictures.

It’s hard to tell, but if you look, Buffy’s legs match up where his body ends. The roundish bit above that is the body of the other spider, not part of Buffy.


Slaying the Silverfish

So I just spent who-knows-how-long watching a spider hunt a silverfish. Presumably, given the act and the target, it was “Buffy the Silverfish Slayer.” I’ve never seen a silverfish move so slowly. I’m not sure if maybe Buffy had already gotten to it once, or if it was actually trying to move carefully to avoid tripping a web and setting Buffy down towards it. There were a few times Buffy lunged, but finally the silverfish moved in just the right spot, and Buffy scooped him up. These spiders can move fast.

I’m so proud! I feel like I’ve mentioned it before here, but I can’t find it, so I guess it must have been elsewhere. You know, before I made a blog and was tormenting other people with spider stories. But… until this year, I’ve never seen the spiders bag a silverfish. I think maybe they’ve started doing something differently with their webbing – stretching it out to the ledge more. So, Buffy (who I think is actually a guy, but hey, whatever) may be the only one that’s done this, or there may be others. It’s probably like Gala’s case though: often involved with mistaken identity.


See, in the picture above, we’ve got the prime spider hotspot. …No I don’t know what happened to the wall, I think it’s been like that since I moved in. My roommate was thinking about trying to fix it sometime. On the left we have the side of the bathtub, and you can just barely make out Buffy hanging in the ‘lip of the tub. He chased the silverfish along the floor and eventually caught it after it crawled along where the floor met the tub. There’s barely any silverfish this year, but when I do see them, they’re generally to the right, moving along the wall where there’s about a centimeter of ledge. That’s where I think maybe the spiders have been changing their web patterns more, in order to get better alerted from the silverfish.

Well, after he grabbed the silverfish up, he went right to winding it. Very quick movements, and every so often he’d stop to pull it up to his jaws. I’m not sure what he was doing at that point, perhaps adjusting his work? A few minutes passed and he was still working on it, and I had a headache and food that was getting cold waiting for me, so I left him to it. Last I checked, he seemed to be done. I imagine in the morning I’ll find the wrapped silverfish cut from the webbing and on the floor.

(Here’s the same picture from above, but with Buffy being poorly circled in red. I wish I had had my camera while he was hunting, but I didn’t want to miss anything to go grab it. I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten a good picture anyway, and there’s not enough room on my SD card for video at the moment.)