Still Time for Spiderlings


Remarkably, while my roommate and I were getting dinner ready and cleaning, I went to grab the mop and did a look-around for where Gala ended up, and I was shocked to find her with an egg sac! Now, I’m not actually sure this is Gala. I’ve never gotten such a good picture (my roommate let me use his new camera, I might have to steal it more often), and I thought I already saw her with some eggs, but I think it’s possible for them to have multiple sets. Heck, since Sabyr already had kids I figured everyone, wherever they were, were probably done.

Guess I was wrong on that.

Last I saw her, she had no eggs, and her back was rounder, so I think it could still be her, just… deflated, for lack of a better word at the moment.

I wonder how long she’s had them? I’ll have to try to keep an eye on her, especially since I lost track of Sabyr’s spiderlings. I think some of them are hanging around the bathroom. There’s some kind of small ones that have been moving here and there, so they’re possibly Sabyr’s kids.


Sabyr’s Hatchlings


Sabyr’s the only other female I’ve been able to find, aside from Gala’s wandering through. She’s resident beneath the cabinet. There might be some hiding behind the toilet, but given the location, I rarely look there. I wish I had actually been keeping track of how long she had been carrying the egg sac, but oh well. Yesterday, I believe, they started to hatch, but it may have begun sooner. The shape of the sac in her palps had been the same for awhile, but maybe it’s possible that the hatchlings hadn’t fully been out, or able to move away yet?

A few hours later, they’re spread out around her. It’s about 23 hatchlings, one of them has already left the mom’s web, surprisingly enough. Supposedly they stay in her webbing area for nine days. This one must be a rebel.

I’d really like to mark the spiders somehow, so I can actually tell them apart (instead of calling every large female “Gala”). I thought maybe a dot of paint could work. I’m not sure if it’d be harmful to them or not. I’m also not sure if adults shed their skins at all. I know that the babies do a few times before they’re full grown, but are they able to do it after? That would sort of ruin trying to mark them!

Sabyr’s the only one I have to test it on though. Males only last about a year, females last three or more. Heck if I know how old any of the males are, but I’m sure, given Sabyr’s size, she’s still young.